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The Street musician as NON-BUSKER Focusing on the function of the others
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2004 Volume 8 Pages 3-16


In this paper, the new type of Street musician will be discussed. The author has noticed a significant transformation of the concept of street musicians which has started in late 90's in Japan. Traditionally, street musicians used to consider themselves buskers. They perform music in order to entertain people with his skill, and want to get back some admiration or money. Nowadays, but, some musicians don't try to do so. It seems that they don't regard themselves as buskers. Non of precedence papers refer to such transformation, even though the issue of street musicians have been receiving increasing attention so far. Thus, the author research the new type of street musicians, namely “Non-Buskers”, and juxtapose 2 types of them stressing on the aspect of their way to communicate with the others. Then I try to declare the background and mechanism which have brought on such difference.

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