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Journal of Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis
Vol. 18 (2011) No. 4 P 274-281




ATP-binding cassette transporter (ABC) A7 is an ABC family protein that is a so-called full-size ABC transporter, highly homologous to ABCA1, which mediates the biogenesis of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) with cellular lipid and helical apolipoproteins. ABCA7 mediates the formation of HDL when exogenously transfected and expressed; however, endogenous ABCA7 was shown to have no significant impact on the generation of HDL and was found to be associated with phagocytosis regulated by sterol regulatory element binding protein 2. Since phagocytosis is one of the fundamental functions of animal cells as an important responsive reaction to infection, injury and apoptosis, ABCA7 seems to be one of the key molecules linking sterol homeostasis and the host defense system. In this context, HDL apolipoproteins were shown to enhance phagocytosis by stabilizing ABCA7 against calpain-mediated degradation and increasing its activity, shedding light on a new aspect of the regulation of the host-defense system.

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