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Clinical Significance of Plasma Apolipoprotein F in Japanese Healthy and Hypertriglyceridemic Subjects
Takeshi KujiraokaTakaaki NakamotoHiroyuki SugimuraTadao IwasakiMitsuaki IshiharaToshiyasu HoshiYasuto HorieKazuyuki OgawaMasakatsu TodorokiYuki NakataniNobuyuki BanbaTakanori YasuHiroaki Hattori
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2013 Volume 20 Issue 4 Pages 380-390


Aim: Apolipoprotein F (apo F), also known as lipid transfer inhibitory protein (LTIP), is a protein component of plasma lipoprotein classes including HDL and functions to inhibit lipid transfer between lipoproteins in vitro. To study the role of plasma apo F, a reliable and sensitive tool for the quantification would be needed.
Methods: We have developed a sandwich ELISA using two monoclonal antibodies for human plasma apo F, and analyzed apo F concentration in 397 Japanese healthy and 221 hypertriglyceridemic subjects.
Results: Our ELISA enables apo F to be assayed in the range of 0.6-25 µg/mL with intra- and inter-assay coefficients of variation less than 3.8% and 7.8%, respectively. In healthy subjects, plasma apo F concentration was 12.5±2.9 µg/mL (mean±SD), and was significantly higher in females than in males (p<0.05). By linear regression analysis in healthy subjects, plasma apo F concentration correlated positively with HDL cholesterol and apo A-I levels, and in males but not in females, negatively with apo B and triglyceride levels. It also correlated negatively with intrinsic CETP activity measured using intrinsic apo B-containing lipoprotein as an acceptor, and positively with PLTP mass and apo J levels. Apo F concentration in hypertriglyceridemic patients (10.3±3.1 µg/mL) was lower than in healthy controls (p<0.0001) and correlated positively with PLTP mass.
Conclusions: Our ELISA is reliable and sensitive for the quantification of plasma apo F concentration. This system can be applicable for clinical significance in lipoprotein metabolism and reverse cholesterol transport.

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