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Journal of Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis
Vol. 21 (2014) No. 5 p. 454-462



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Aims: The serum resistin level is associated with the incidence of ischemic heart disease in the general population. We analyzed the associations between serum resistin and fat intake, serum lipid concentrations and adiposity in the general population.
Methods: A cross-sectional study of 6,637 randomly recruited adults was conducted. The resistin levels were measured in thawed aliquots of serum using an enzyme immunoanalysis technique.
Results: The resistin level exhibited a positive nonparametric correlation with saturated fat intake(p<0.001) and an inverse correlation with adherence to the Mediterranean diet(p<0.001), monounsaturated fat intake(p<0.05), total serum cholesterol(p<0.001), non-HDL cholesterol(p<0.001), LDL cholesterol(p<0.001), body mass index(p<0.001), waist circumference(p<0.001) and the waist/height ratio(p<0.001). An elevated resistin concentration(fifth quintile) was associated with adherence to the Mediterranean diet(OR=0.82 CI95%=0.71-0.93), saturated fat intake(OR=1.34 CI95%=1.16-1.56), monounsaturated fat intake(OR=0.88 CI95%=0.78-0.99), a total cholesterol level of ≥200 mg/dL(OR=0.81 CI95%=0.72-0.91), a low HDL cholesterol level(OR=0.84 CI95%= 0.76-0.93), a high non-HDL cholesterol level(OR=0.84 CI95%=0.72-0.99), a high LDL cholesterol level(OR=0.82 CI95%=0.70-0.97) and a waist/height ratio of ≥0.55(OR=0.76 CI95%=0.67-0.85). The multivariate models corroborated the positive associations between the resistin level and saturated fat intake(p<0.001) and serum triglycerides(p=0.004) and the inverse associations between the resistin level and adherence to the Mediterranean diet(p=0.002), total serum cholesterol(p< 0.001) and cholesterol fractions and the waist/height ratio(p=0.02).
Conclusions: In the general population, the serum resistin level is associated with fat intake: positively with saturated fat intake and inversely with monounsaturated fat intake. As a consequence, the resistin level is also inversely associated with adherence to the Mediterranean diet. In addition, the resistin level is inversely associated with the serum cholesterol level and adiposity.

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