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Rationale and Descriptive Analysis of Specific Health Guidance: the Nationwide Lifestyle Intervention Program Targeting Metabolic Syndrome in Japan
Kazuyo TsushitaAkiko S HoslerKatsuyuki MiuraYukiko ItoTakashi FukudaAkihiko KitamuraKozo Tatara
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2018 Volume 25 Issue 4 Pages 308-322


Aim: All health insurers in Japan are mandated to provide Specific Health Checkups and Specific Health Guidance (SHG) focusing on metabolic syndrome (MetS) in middle-aged adults, beginning in 2008; intensive HG for individuals who have abdominal obesity and two or more additional MetS risk factors, and motivational HG for individuals with one risk factor. The aim of this study is to describe medium-term changes in health indexes for intensive and motivational HG groups using the National Database.

Methods: We compared changes of risk factors and initiation of pharmacological therapy over 3 yr between participants (n=31,790) and nonparticipants (n=189,726) who were eligible for SHG in 2008.

Results: Body weight reduction in intensive HG was 1.98 kg (participants) vs 0.42 kg (nonparticipants) in men (p<0.01) and 2.25 vs 0.68 kg in women (p<0.01) after 1 yr. In motivational HG, the respective reduction was 1.40 vs 0.30 kg in men (p<0.01) and 1.53 vs 0.42 kg in women (p<0.01). Waist circumference reduction was also greatest among participants in intensive HG (2.34 cm in men and 2.98 cm in women). These reductions were fairly unchanged over 3 yr and accompanied greater improvements in MetS risk factors in participants. We also detected significantly smaller percentages of SHG participants who initiated pharmacological therapy compared with nonparticipants.

Conclusion: Participants in SHG showed greater improvements in MetS profiles with proportionally smaller pharmacological treatment initiations than did nonparticipants for 3 yr. Although selection bias may be present, this study suggests SHG would be a feasible strategy to prevent MetS and its sequelae.

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