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Associations Between Plasma Kinin B1 Receptor Levels and the Presence and Severity of Coronary Artery Disease
Yoshimi KishimotoMasayuki AoyamaEmi SaitaYukinori IkegamiReiko OhmoriKazuo KondoYukihiko Momiyama
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2021 Volume 28 Issue 11 Pages 1195-1203


Aim: Kinin B1 receptor (KB1R) was shown to be up-regulated in human carotid atherosclerotic lesions. Serum KB1R levels were also reported to be high in patients with stroke. However, KB1R deficiency increased atherosclerotic lesions. Therefore, the role of KB1R in atherosclerosis remains unclear. Moreover, no study has reported blood KB1R levels in patients with coronary artery disease (CAD).

Methods: We measured plasma KB1R levels in 375 patients undergoing coronary angiography. The severity of CAD was represented as the numbers of >50% stenotic vessels and segments and the severity score.

Results: CAD was found in 197 patients, of whom 89 had 1-vessel disease (1-VD), 62 had 2-VD, and 46 had 3-VD. Plasma KB1R levels were higher in 197 patients with CAD than in 178 without CAD (median 83.3 vs. 73.7 pg/mL, p<0.01). A stepwise increase in KB1R levels was found depending on the number of stenotic vessels: 77.1 in 1-VD, 87.8 in 2-VD, and 88.5 pg/mL in 3-VD (p<0.025). A high KB1R level (>90.0 pg/mL) was present in 30% of patients with CAD(-), 39% of 1-VD, 50% of 2-VD, and 48% of 3-VD (p<0.025). KB1R levels correlated with the number of stenotic segments and the severity score (r=0.14 and r=0.17, p<0.01). In multivariate analysis, KB1R levels were an independent factor associated with CAD. Odds ratio for CAD was 1.62 (95%CI=1.02-2.58) for high KB1R level >90.0 pg/mL.

Conclusion: Plasma KB1R levels in patients with CAD were high and were associated with the presence and severity of CAD independent of atherosclerotic risk factors.

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