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Special Issue    “East Asia Value Survey II”
The Most Important Thing
— Several Topics from Analysis of the East Asia Value Survey —
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2006 Volume 33 Issue 1 Pages 1-12


In this paper we present several attempts at data analyses concerning the East Asian peoples' attitudes and social values on the data of our East Asia Value Survey conducted in Japan, China (Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming, Hangzhou), Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, and Singapore during 2002-2004.
     Among these, we focused on the response patterns to the open-ended question “What is the most important thing(s) for you ?” Although the responses were so various, overall each country or region shows some distinctive features closely related to their own social values.
     We also show the relationships between the respondents' attitudes and their answer patterns to items relating to the question, using the data of our East Asia value surveys as well as the previously conducted cross-national survey including European countries and USA.
     These results show that the social systems may influence attitudes and values of these people under racial, cultural and geographic diversities and life.

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