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Quantitative Sociology of Social Stratification
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1997 Volume 24 Issue 1 Pages 1-10


Quantitative studies of social stratification and social mobility have greatly contributed to the spread and popularization of statistical analysis among sociological researches. Various new statistical methods were promptly utilized in the field of stratification studies and this helped not only sociologists to analyse the stratification data with greater conceptual clarity and precision but statisticians to develop their methods with concrete empirical applications. However, in recent days the fever which in past days activated many stratification researches seems to have declined from its highest level. One reason for this is undoubtedly the general, both in academics and in populace, decline of concern over the class problems in modern society. Another reason seems to reside in the quantitative stratification studies themselves. This paper analyses the methodological problems which we the stratification researchers need to solve in order to reactivate the social stratification studies.

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