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Effects of Consuming A Supplement with Antioxidant Action on Physical Fatigue and Sports Performance
Akiharu SUDO Kenji YAMADAKazunaga YAZAWA
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2019 Volume 16 Issue 1 Pages 21-26


Objectives: The current study examined a supplement (denoted here as V7) containing astaxanthin, reduced coenzyme Q10, leucine, arginine, citrulline, DHA, and krill oil and a placebo containing only salad oil. This study examined the subjective level of fatigue and the performance level while subjects consumed the supplement or the placebo for 30 day. Methods: Subjects were 19 members of the women’s softball club at a physical education university. Results: Results indicated that leg fatigue, the state of the back, dark spots on the skin, and performance on a 50-m sprint improved significantly after consuming V7 in comparison to values prior to consumption. Scores for a total of 6 items—leg fatigue, the state of the hips, the state of the back, skin blotches, and eye strain—improved significantly after consuming V7 in comparison to values prior to consumption. Conclusion: These findings presumably indicate that DHA (an essential fatty acid) and krill oil (krill are rich in theω3 polyunsaturated fatty acids DHA and EPA) in phospholipid form are taken up by the cell membrane. The 2 substances enhance cell and tissue function in the body by prompting cells to take up nutrients and quickly eliminate waste products. Moreover, reduced coenzyme Q10 had 2 actions—“production of energy” and “antioxidant action” that inhibited physical deterioration—while astaxanthin had “antioxidant action.” This antioxidant action, anti-fatigue action, antiinflammatory action, enhanced immunity, and enhanced endurance synergistically acted to alleviate general fatigue. Moreover, muscle protein synthesis stimulated by leucine, arginine, and citrulline alleviated muscle fatigue in the legs, knees, hips, and back, presumably accounting for the improved time on the 50-m sprint.

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