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Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan
Vol. 121 (2013) No. 1419 (November) p. 956-959



Technical report

We investigated the effect of zinc oxide addition for the defects in the dense SnO2 ceramics. Cathode and photoluminescence properties revealed the luminescence originated to oxygen vacancies in SnO2 grains and the presence of non-radiative defect at the grain boundaries. The oxygen diffusion profile showed that the oxygen diffusion was controlled by the limited process at the surface and uniform concentration of 18O at the grain boundaries inner side of sample. This sample exhibited a low Zn concentration in grains and a high Zn concentration at grain boundaries. We conclude that segregation of Zn at grain boundaries prevents SnO2 from decomposing at high temperatures, enabling dense SnO2 ceramics to be obtained.

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