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Effect of Ni-loading on Sm-doped CeO2 anode for ammonia-fueled solid oxide fuel cell
Yoshiteru ITAGAKIJian CUINaoto ITOHiromichi AONOHidenori YAHIRO
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2018 Volume 126 Issue 10 Pages 870-876


Samaria-doped ceria, (SmO1.5)0.2(CeO2)0.8 (SDC), containing nickel (Ni) was prepared as the anode of solid oxide fuel cell fueled with 6% ammonia (NH3). The Ni-free SDC powders prepared by the reverse co-precipitation method exhibited poor catalytic activities for NH3 decomposition in 6% NH3/Ar. Impregnation of Ni onto the SDC powders significantly enhanced its catalytic activity. The catalytic activity was highest at 10 wt % Ni–SDC, but it decreased with an increase in the Ni content. Contrary to expectation, the anodic performances were similar between 10 and 40 wt % of Ni loading and the highest maximum power densities were 98.8 and 96.5 mW·cm−2 at 900°C, respectively. Impedance analysis of the anodes revealed that the anodic performance was rate-controlled by the similar process in 4%H2 fuel and that was electrochemical oxidation and diffusion processes.

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