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Novel Br ion conducting solid electrolyte based on LaOBr
Muhammad Radzi Iqbal Bin MISRANNaoyoshi NUNOTANIShinji TAMURANobuhito IMANAKA
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2018 Volume 126 Issue 10 Pages 761-765


Highly Br ion conducting solid electrolytes were developed by replacing La3+ ion site in LaOBr with lower valent Sr2+ and Ca2+ ions to form Br ion vacancies for Br ion conduction with suppressing the sample decomposition. By doping two kinds of divalent cations simultaneously into LaOBr lattice, high amount of Br ion vacancy was successfully introduced compared to the previously reported La0.9Sr0.1OBr0.9. Among the samples prepared, the highest Br ion conductivity was obtained for the La0.85Sr0.10Ca0.05OBr0.85 solid, which was ca. 5 times higher than that of La0.9Sr0.1OBr0.9.

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