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Studies on phase transitions of rare earth tantalates (Sm1−xLnx)3TaO7 (Ln = Nd, Eu) with fluorite-related structure
Yukio HINATSUYoshihiro DOI
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2019 Volume 127 Issue 5 Pages 273-278


The phase transition of Sm3TaO7 with orthorhombic fluorite-related structure was investigated. Solid solutions (Sm1−xNdx)3TaO7 and (Sm1−xEux)3TaO7 were prepared, and their structures at room temperature are well described with the space group C2221. The phase transition temperature for (Sm1−xNdx)3TaO7 decreases from 1340 K with increasing Nd concentration, while that for (Sm1−xEux)3TaO7 increases with Eu concentration. However, both of these solid solutions show the same trend, i.e., with decreasing average rare earth radii, the phase transition temperature of (Sm1−xLnx)3TaO7 (Ln = Nd, Eu) increases. This trend is the same as that observed for Ln3MO7 (M = Mo, Ru, Re, Os, or Ir). That is, the phase transition occurs with lattice contraction. Above the transition temperature, crystal structures for (Sm1−xLnx)3TaO7 (Ln = Nd, Eu) are well described with space group Pnma.

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