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Feature: International Year of Glass: Full paper
Introduction to the annual S&T poster for everyone, titled “Glass – One S&T poster for Every Household” and its related activities
Madoka OnoKenji ShinozakiJumpei UedaRyohei OkaTetsuo KishiSunao KurimuraYoshihiro TakahashiTomoharu HasegawaYoshimasa MatsushitaTakahiro MurataYoshiki Yamazaki
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2022 Volume 130 Issue 8 Pages 509-511


As an anniversary event of International Year of Glass (IYOG), especially to help advertisement of IYOG in Japan, we devoted ourselves for half a year of making a glass poster, called “Ikka-ni Ichimai [the annual S&T (Science and Technology) poster for everyone, in Japanese]”. The title of the poster is “GLASS - The most universal modern material”, and is already distributed, by Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), to all over Japan from elementary to high school, and even university. The distribution is done to promote their interests for science and technology. The final products, the poster, the corresponding webpage, and the movies to explain how to enjoy the poster, are very much welcomed by many people including kids and students who do not major in glass. The poster shows how glass has been evolved by humankind, and how it supported human life to develop. We are quite confident that people can understand, by looking through this poster, how inevitable glass is, in various fields; from culture and art, medicine, science, and technology. Our hopes are to evoke interests of children to glass and material science, which, in a long term, help continuous evolution of glass for the future which supports the humankind.

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