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Feature: Frontiers in Ceramic Research Based on Materials Science of Crystal Defect Cores: Full papers
Fabrication of the bandgap-tuned alkaline earth-alloyed SnS solar cell
Fumio KawamuraYelim SongHidenobu MurataHitoshi TampoTakehiko NagaiTakashi KoidaJaeeun JeonMasataka ImuraNaoomi Yamada
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2023 Volume 131 Issue 10 Pages 708-711


Alkaline earth (AE) metal-alloyed SnS films with a bandgap of 1.8 eV were demonstrated to us promising for their use in widegap photovoltaic absorbers by forming a p-n junction with an n-type CdS layer. The Ba-alloyed-SnS film exhibited the highest efficiency among the three types of AE-alloyed SnS films (barium, calcium, and strontium alloyed-SnS films). Electricity generation by the formation of the junction of p-AE-alloyed SnS/n-CdS indicates the possibility of realizing Si-based tandem solar cells.

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