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Linear drive type of modulated rotating magnetic field for a continuous process of three-dimensional crystal orientation
Shigeru HORIIItsuki ARIMOTOToshiya DOI
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Equipment that can generate a linear drive type of modulated rotating magnetic field (MRF) was developed for three-dimensional magnetic alignment applicable to a continuous production process. This equipment consists of an arrayed magnet unit assembled using permanent magnets and a linear drive system, and it can generate a static magnetic field region with 0.9 T and a rotating magnetic field region with 0.5–0.9 T and 520 rpm. The equipment has been used to successfully biaxially align powders of an orthorhombic cuprate superconductor DyBa2Cu3Oy (y∼7) with twin microstructures in epoxy resin at room temperature without rotating the sample.

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