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Comparison of commercial RNA extraction kits and qPCR master mixes for studying gene expression in small biopsy tissue samples from the equine gastric epithelium
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2017 Volume 28 Issue 4 Pages 135-141


Gastric tissue biopsy and gene expression analysis are important tools for disease diagnosis and study of the physiology of the equine stomach. However, RNA extraction from gastric biopsy samples is a complex procedure because the samples contain low quantities of RNA and are contaminated with mucous protein and bacterial flora. The objectives of these studies were to compare the performance of RNA extraction methods and to investigate the sensitivity of commercial qPCR master mixes for gene expression analysis of gastric biopsy samples. Three commercial RNA extraction methods (TRIzolTM, GENEzolTM and MiniPrepTM) and four qPCR master mixes with SYBR® green (qPCRBIO, KAPA, QuantiNova, and PerfeCTa) were compared. RNA qualification and quantitation were compared. Real-time PCR was used to compare qPCR master mixes. The results revealed that TRIzol and GENEzol obtained significantly higher yield of RNA (P<0.01) but that TRIzol had the highest contamination of protein and DNA (P<0.05). Conversely, MiniPrep resulting in a significantly higher purification of RNA (P<0.05) but provided the lowest yield of RNA (P<0.01). For PCR master mixes, KAPA was significantly (P<0.05) more sensitive than other qPCR kits for all amounts of DNA template, particularly at the lowest amount of cDNA. In conclusion, GENEzol is the best method to obtain a high RNA yield and purification and it is more cost-effective than the others as well. Regarding the qPCR master mixes, KAPA SYBR qPCR Master Mix (2x) Universal is superior to the other tested master mixes for studying gene expression in equine gastric biopsies.

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