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Abortion and uterine prolapse in a Thoroughbred mare with twin pregnancy: Clinical and laboratory findings and treatment approach
Mohammed ALAMAARYAhmed ALI
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2020 Volume 31 Issue 4 Pages 95-99


This report presents a case of uterine prolapse in a Thoroughbred mare. The uterine prolapse occurred after abortion of twins in the eighth month of gestation. The prolapsed uterus was bleeding and congested but not damaged. The placenta was still attached to the endometrium. Blood samples were collected for hematology and for estimation of calcium, progesterone and estrogen. The cervix and clitoris were swabbed for bacteriology. The mare showed a decrease in the number of lymphocytes. The concentrations of estrogen and progesterone seemed normal compared with mares that foaled. Pseudomonas aeruginosa was isolated. The prolapsed uterus was washed with warm normal saline, and the retained placenta was carefully removed. An antibiotic cream was spread on the prolapsed uterus before replacing it. Two-thirds of the upper vulva was transiently sutured. Systemic antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory were administrated for 5 days. After 24 hr, the sutures were removed, and uterine lavage was performed using warmed normal saline for three days. The mare received 20 IU of oxytocin twice a day for three days to aid uterine clearance. A local antibiotic was inserted into the uterus. After treatment, the mare did not show any health disorders. She entered estrus 9 days after abortion and again 10 days later. In conclusion, twin pregnancy in a mare is considered a critical condition that necessitates specific management during early and late pregnancy. Uterine prolapse is an emergency that should be treated in a skilled manner to protect the mare and her future fertility. Calcium deficiency might predispose mares to uterine prolapse.

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