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Study on Turbulent Plane Jet with Chemical Reaction in Liquid
Takashi KUBOYoshinori FUKUMURAYasuhiko SAKAIKouji NAGATA
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2012 Volume 7 Issue 1 Pages 25-38


A turbulent plane jet with a chemical reaction (A + B → R) in a liquid is investigated experimentally. The instantaneous concentrations of all species (A, B, and R) are measured simultaneously by using the light absorption spectrometric method and the mass conservation law. Statistics of the reactive scalar field are compared with those of the nonreactive scalar (frozen limit) and instantaneous reaction (equilibrium limit) fields. It is ascertained that, in comparison with the frozen limit, the mean concentrations of reactants A and B decrease while the mean concentration of product R increases in the downstream direction because of the chemical reaction. With regard to scalar fluctuations, it is also observed that in the region near the exit of the jet, the r.m.s. values of species A become larger than those in the frozen limit, whereas the r.m.s. values of species B become smaller than those in the frozen limit; the reverse situation is observed in the downstream and outer regions. Furthermore, the concentration correlations between species A and B have negative values. The segregation coefficients have values between 0 and -0.3 on the jet centerline and have minimum values at the location separated from the centerline in the cross-stream direction. The data obtained in the present study provide very useful and important information for modeling concentration correlation and the chemical source term in a turbulent reactive flow.

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