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How Do Local Residents Perceive the Strong Local Wind Matsubori-kaze?
(2) Analysis of Written Descriptions of Students' Impressions at Ozu-Higashi Elementary School
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2014 Volume 123 Issue 3 Pages 378-387


 This paper follows one presented by Matsuyama et al. (2014), describing a study on how local residents (adults) perceive a strong local wind Matsubori-kaze, which is experienced near Mt. Aso in Kumamoto prefecture. In December 2012, we gave a lecture on Matsubori-kaze at Ozu-Higashi Elementary School, where it is frequently experienced. Subsequently, 49 students sent written descriptions of their impressions to us. We selected 59 key words that appeared in multiple written descriptions, then we applied the quantification theory type III to them. An analysis of a scatter diagram of category scores for the first and second axes reveals that the keywords can be summarized as: “(1) fear of Matsubori-kaze,” “(2) outdoor experiences with Matsubori-kaze,” and “(3) intellectual interest in Matsubori-kaze.” An analysis of the scatter diagram of sample scores reveals that characteristics (1) and (2) are mainly attributable to first-year students who have heightened sensibility, while characteristic (3) increases with a student's age. Few differences are apparent between boys and girls. These characteristics can be explained by a physiognomic perception specific to younger age groups, although they cannot directly see Matsubori-kaze.

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