International Journal of Gas Turbine, Propulsion and Power Systems
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Numerical Study on Flow Induced Vibration of LOX Post in Liquid Rocket Engine Preburner
Chihiro InoueToshinori WatanabeTakehiro Himeno
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2007 Volume 1 Issue 1 Pages 22-29


In a preburner of liquid rocket engines, some liquid-oxygen (LOX) posts, which introduced oxygen into combustion chamber, experienced severe flow-induced vibration due to unsteady cryogenic hydrogen flow. The mechanism of the vibration has not been fully understood because of the complexity of the flow field. In the present study, a new numerical method was developed to analyze the flow field of hydrogen, whose characteristic properties lie in its non-idealness and compressibility. The unsteady hydrogen flow inside the preburner unit was analyzed to investigate the details of hydrogen flow field as well as the mechanism of LOX post vibration. It was clarified that hydrogen flow inside the manifold and fluid dynamic forces on LOX posts were strongly affected by vortices shed from the junction at the upstream of the inlet. A baffle plate put inside the manifold was shown to reduce unsteady fluid forces on the LOX posts.

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