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Life Cycle Analysis of Environmental Load from Polyvinyl Chloride Products
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2007 Volume 86 Issue 5 Pages 339-345


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a material with advantages of productivity, recyclability and economy, and that is applied to various products such as pipes, films and electric cables. On the other hand, it is limited that the PVC products are used because of excessive fear to chemical substances generated by the combustion, and to endocrine disrupters from the plasticizer. In this study, life cycle inventories of a pipe for water supply as rigid PVC products and an agro-film as flexible PVC products were analyzed, and the comparisons with alternative products were investigated in terms of environmental load, that is, energy consumption, CO2 emission, SOX emission, NOX emission and solid waste.
As results, it was shown that the energy consumption from the pipe for water supply made from PVC was smaller than that from the alternative pipe for water supply. In addition, the environmental load caused by the PVC pipe was remarkably decreased by raising a ratio of Pipe to Pipe recycling. Considering the durability of each agro-film, the energy consumption of the agro-film made from PVC was the largest in all agro-films. It is necessary to extend the life period of PVC films in order to reduce the environmental load.

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