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Removal of Acid Gases from Biomass-to-Liquid Process Syngas Used as Raw Materials for Fischer-Tropsch Technology
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2014 Volume 93 Issue 11 Pages 1227-1231


Due to the high energy consumption and decreasing oil supply, the alternative energy sources such as biomass and agricultural waste can be considered as the main sources of energy in the future. Currently, one of the technologies to convert such biomass to more valuable products is biomass-to-liquid process. However, acid gases like CO2 and H2S are produced as intermediates causing the decrease in product heating values, operational problems, corrosion, and environmental concern. Therefore, the objective of this work is to simulate the absorption process of acid-gas cleaning by using various solutions at different operating conditions in order to meet the requirement. The results show that MDEA has higher performance to remove both gases compared to other chemicals. Furthermore, at 0.9 MPa and 25 °C, the treated gas provides 3.19 vol% CO2 and 27.7 ppb of H2S for MEA, 2.13 % CO2 and 0.02 ppb of H2S for MDEA and 7.45 % CO2 and 1.12*10-6 ppb of H2S for Selexol. Moreover, the liquid flow rate, solution concentration and effects of temperature and pressure are also investigated for the optimal design of the absorption column.

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