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Anaerobic Co-Digestion of Biodegradable Biomass for Biomethane Generation
Muhammad Rashed Al MAMUNShuichi TORII
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2015 Volume 94 Issue 6 Pages 588-593


Biogas, a renewable and carbon-neutral form of energy, could be a very good substituent of fossil fuels which are depleting very fast. Here we report the digestibilities of cafeteria waste (CW), vegetable waste (VW) and fruit waste (FW) with variable mixing ratios. The result showed that anaerobic co-digestion of CW:FW (0.50:0.50), CW:VW (0.75:0.25) and VW:FW (0.50:0.50) produced the highest cumulative biogas 836, 811 and 756 mL/g-VS, respectively after 15 d. The highest average biogas production observed for the mixing ratio CW:FW of 0.75:0.25, 0.50:0.50, and 0.25:0.75 were 50.73, 55.73, and 50.66 mL/ (g-VS d), respectively. It was observed that the highest average methane concentration were 59.1%, 58.3%, and 56.7% for the mixing ratio CW:FW of 50:50, CW:VW 50:50, and VW:FW 25:75, respectively. These results offered simple way to produce biomethane.

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