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A Proposal of a Highly-efficient Purification System for Hydrogen Production to Achieve a Lower LCCO2 Level
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2016 Volume 95 Issue 8 Pages 615-620


This study aims at proposing a new and highly-efficient H2 purification system that is able to achieve a low carbon emission level. In general, the conversion of pure hydrogen fuel from syngas requires pressure within a range of 1.0 to 2.0 MPaG. However, the auxiliary power of a compression is quite high, and hence produces a greater eco-burden. In this study, an experimental apparatus is fabricated to observe the performance of a variety of adsorbents in different operating conditions. Based on the results of these tests, this study attempts to propose the design of an optimal system. Next, the observations reveal that a pressure as low as 0.4 MPaG has a high refining efficiency, while the operating temperature is similar to room temperature. Besides, the fabricated apparatus is able to produce a H2 concentration at 97.0 vol.% with a refining efficiency at approximately 55%. In fact, it is close to that of a conventional system. In parallel, CO2 gas can be extracted separately through the system, thus the gas will be available for the cultivation of agricultural products as a growth agent. Then, a further discussion is taken over the experimental results to consider the environmental effects on the basis of life-cycle assessment methodology.

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