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Characteristics and Reactivity of Char Produced from Dried Sludge and Coal during Co-pyrolysis
Akira SUAMINobusuke KOBAYASHIYoshinori ITAYA
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Keywords: Co-pyrolysis, Sludge, Coal

2017 Volume 96 Issue 1 Pages 8-15


In co-pyrolysis and co-gasification of sludge and coal, understanding characteristics and reactivity of feedstock and its char is necessary in these processes, because the pyrolysis of feedstock and gasification reaction of its char act each other complicatedly. In this work, characteristics and reactivity of chars produced from single feedstock and both samples by pyrolysis under various atmosphere were evaluated. As results, it was shown that there was different characteristic in chars by difference of pyrolysis atmosphere and way of blending samples. And starting gasification reaction temperature and reaction behavior of chars produced by different conditions were different. The pore structure of chars produced from both samples was different from that of chars produced from single sample, and that was different by conditions of blending and co-pyrolysis atmosphere. It was considered that steam gasification behavior was changed by difference of pore structure of char.

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