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Technical Report
Catalytic Activity of Intercalated Montmorillonite Clay for Glycerol Conversion to Oligomers via Microwave Irradiation
Muhammad SAJIDMuhammad AYOUBYoshimitsu UEMURASuzana YUSUPBawadi B ABDULLAHSami ULLAHAqsha AQSHA
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Keywords: Glycerol, Clay, Microwave

2020 Volume 99 Issue 1 Pages 16-19


Short-chain oligomers such as dimers and trimers are highly valued products because of their excellent biocompatibility caused by the presence of multi-hydrophilic groups within their structures. Conventionally, oligomers are produced via solvent-free glycerol etherification reactions using a simple heating process. However, the process requires a long reaction time (>7 h). Therefore, this work aims to minimize the reaction time by using microwave irradiation as a heating source and to enhance the yield of dimers and trimers by using a catalyst prepared from clay as an economical material for glycerol etherification. Thus, lithium-intercalated montmorillonite clay (Li/mk-10) was prepared via the wet impregnation method. The maximum 98% glycerol conversion was achieved in 4 h with the maximum dimer yield of 45% in 3 h.

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