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Upgrading of Naphtha Fractions of a Coal Liquid on H-Ga-sillicate (II)
Reactions of Representative Components of Light Naphtha
Masashi INOUEXinlin TuSumito NHTomoyuki INUI
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1992 Volume 71 Issue 12 Pages 1178-1183


SYNOPSIS: -On the basis of the analysis of the light naphtha fraction of a coal liquid obtained by liquefaction of Wandoan coal by the NEDOL process, the reaction behavior of some typical components on H-Ga-silicate was examined. n-Paraffins, cyclohexane, and alkylcyclohexanes, which were the major components of the light naphtha fraction, showed high reactivities and afforded aromatics with high selectivities. Because of the reactant-shape selectivity of Ga-silicate, however, some minor components with large molecular sizes, such as 1, 2-dimethylcyclohexane, showed relatively low reactivities, albeit with high armatic selectivities. Tetralin aiso showed a low reactivity which was attributed to its small molecular flexibility.
Indan and tetralin afforded indene and naphthalene, respectively, as the predominant product, which were explained by direct dehydrogenation of the naphthene rings, while dealkylation was the major reaction path for the reactions of alkylbenzenes on Gasilicate.

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