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Effect of Fuel Ratio on Thermal Decomposition Characteristics of Coals
Yong CHENHitoki MATSUDAMasanobu HASATANYusheng XIE
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1992 Volume 71 Issue 2 Pages 85-90


The present study is concerned with thermal decomposition of ten kinds of coal in different ranks of which fuel ratio ranges relatively widely from 0.9 to 6.6. The pyrolysis characteristics of coal were investigated by TGA (Thermo-gravimetric Analy-sis) in an atmosphere of nitrogen under the following conditions: the coal particle size 37-2000μm, the heating rate 2-200K/min, and such thermal decomposition parameters as the reaction order, the frequency factor and the activation energy were determined. The effects of particle size and also heating rate on the pyrolysis rate were examined. Then, the thermal decomposition parameters thus determined were correlated with the fuel ratio. As a result, it was recognized that the experimental data were well reproduced with respect to TG curves by using these parameters determined in the present study. The validity of the obtained parameters was then demonstrated.

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