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Studies on Hydrodesulfurization and Hydrocracking of Petroleum Residues (I)
Evaluation of Demetallation Catalysts by new Simple-quick Method
Chikara SERAMitsugu YUMOTOKazuyoshi KUDOUKin'ya TAWARA
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1994 Volume 73 Issue 6 Pages 412-418


This paper describes the newly developed simple-quick method for evaluation of metal-uptake capacity of various catalysts.
Adsorption of Ni-naphthenates on catalysts in the dilute xylene solution can be just indicated by linear equation (1).
log (X/M) =1/n*ogC k (1)
where X: amount of adsorbate M: amount of adsorbent (catalyst) C: concentration of adsorbate in the solution n, k: constant
Inverse of gradient, i. e. n-value, has a good correlation with physical properties of catalyst, especially with mean pore diameter and pore volume.
The catalysts having large n- and k-value are suitable for demetallation catalyst.
Metal tolerance and demetallation selectivity of catalysts can be evaluated through reaction behavior to high-metal Boscan crude oil.
n-Values measured by simple adsorption method have a good correlation with allowable metals on catalyst (metal tolerance) measured by hydrogenation of high-metal Boscan crude oil.
Therefor, metal tolerance of catalyst can be evaluated easily and quickly by measuring n-value in equation (1) through simple adsorption of Ni-naphthenates in xylene solution at room temperature.

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