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Second International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Removal ICCDR-2
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1995 Volume 74 Issue 4 Pages 194-199


Second International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Removal (ICCDR-2) was held by RITE and NEDO at Kyoto in October, 1994. More than 400 sci-entists and engineers participated, and 147 papers were reported. ICCDR-2 consisted of 6 sessions; CO2 separation, CO2 sequestration, chemical CO2 utilization, biological CO2 fixation, CO2 reducing technology, and CO2 reducing systems. In session 2 papers on ocean and subterranean CO2 disposal were reported and discussed. Most reports of ocean CO2 disposal dealt with deep sea CO2 sequestration, and most papers of subterra-nean CO2 disposal focused on CO2 sequestration in aquifers.
This article also describes the research on deep sea CO2 sequestration at the depths larger than 3700m, which has been carried out by National Institute of Materials and Chemical Research in cooperation with the University of Tokyo and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

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