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Study of an Ammonia Fueled Engine as a Clean Energy System
Takashi SAIKA
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2000 Volume 79 Issue 6 Pages 530-539


Hydrogen is one of the alternative fuels for preventing air pollution and the greenhouse effect of the earth, but it is lack of portability for automobiles. Ammonia, however, is portable, and can be easily produced from hydrogen and liquefied by compression even under normal temperature. Ammonia is the attractive fuel in the hydrogen energy systems, but its minimum ignition energy is large and its laminar burning velocity is very small. Therefore, the author proposes the clean energy system by using the hydrogen from dissociated ammonia under a catalyst to improve the poor combustion properties of ammonia.
The fundamental data of the combustion properties of ammonia and dissociated ammonia with air are obtained by using a slot burner and a spherical combustion bomb. This paper also describes the possibility of the reciprocating engines in which chemical energy of ammonia efficiently converts to power. It is demonstrated that the slow burning speed and the highrequired ignition energy are overcome by adding hydrogen of dissociated ammonia. It is clear that the partially dissociated ammonia engine system has a potential as a promising ammonia-fueled system.

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