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High efficiency NOx reduction in Wakamatsu PFBC Boiler
Shinichi SAKUNOHachiro UEDA
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Keywords: NH3 inlection, SNCR, PFBC

2000 Volume 79 Issue 6 Pages 548-550


71MWe PFBC demonstration plant has been operated since 1992 in EPDC Wakamatsu Work. At PFBC boiler the temperatures of combustion is low, so concentration of NOx in the exhaust gas is kept low. But selective catalytic reaction (SCR) system is adapted for the environmental demand for coal thermal power plants in Japan. Still more, we introduce the selective non-catalytic reaction (SNCR) system and verify the characteristic.
In the test, we investigate high efficiency NOx reduction by increase of amount of NH3 injection. Amount of NH3 injection is suitable for more than 1 by [NH3] / [NOx] molar ratio. So far amount of NH3 injection is limited by less than 1 at SCR because of limit of slip NH3 at SCR outlet. But amount of slip NH3 at SCR and SNCR system is as same as one at SCR system.
In this paper, we introduce the high efficiency NOx reduction at SCR and SNCR system.

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