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The Reason Why It Is Difficult to Implement Maritime Domain Awareness on Takeshima Nearby Waters
Kenichi Nonaka
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2021 Volume 22 Issue 2 Pages 165-179


The government of Japan and the Republic of Korea, are both claiming that Takeshima is one part of their territory. But when we look at the reality, that island is influenced by the latter. For this point, the Japanese government took several measures when there were actions taken by Korea, regarding to that island. In 2018, the Japanese government has presented “The Third Basic Plan on Ocean Policy”, and it was clear that an important decision was made. Japan has insisted that they had gave high priority in constructing an MDA (Maritime Domain Awareness) system, and in Japanese territorial waters, they also mentioned that Japan is going to build the system by their own assets alone. This meant that the Japanese government will take actions in order to monitor the territorial waters of Takeshima. But on the contrary, The Japanese government is having a hard time checking the projects held by the Korean government in that disputed sea area. This paper will discuss the reason, why the Japanese government is facing such difficulty in checking the waters of Takeshima, by considering “The Third Basic Plan on Ocean Policy”. The author will insist that a serious problem was embedded into it. As conclusion, this paper will mention that the plan did not take any special measures for the disputed waters from the first place. The plan has insisted that they will gain the ability to monitor the territorial waters of japan by their own assets. But the system which the Japanese government were making, was a system which could not check the reality of the nearby waters of Takeshima.

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