Journal of the Japanese Association for Digital Humanities
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Dear Readers
A. Charles Muller
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2015 Volume 1 Issue 1 Pages i-ii


Dear Readers,

We are happy to announce the release of the inaugural issue of the Journal of the Japanese Association of Digital Humanities (JJADH). The Japanese Association of Digital Humanities was founded in 2011, becoming a constituent organization of ADHO in 2013. While Digital Humanities has been practiced in Japan for more than two decades, up to now, little is known outside of Japan regarding the content of Japan advancements in this field. We therefore aim to rectify this situation by initiating a first-tier peer reviewed international journal published in English. Although we hope to be able to shed light on projects in developments in Japan, we will be accepting article submissions from DH practitioners around the world on a broad range of topics.

In this issue we present eight articles that deal with various issues in Digital Humanities, authored by both local Japanese scholars and researchers from abroad. The articles in this issue were drawn exclusively from presentations made in previous conferences of the JADH, but henceforth, we will be opening up the Call for Papers to include articles written by DH scholars around the world. We look forward to your reception of this first issue, and to seeing your articles published in our journal in the future.

In bringing this first volume to fruition, I would like to extend my deep gratitude to the members of the editorial board for their solid support and guidance. We also deeply appreciate the work of our copy editor, Ms. Susie Lorand, who has helped us to establish a strong standard of literary accuracy and consistency in these articles dealing with disparate fields and topics. Most importantly, I would like to thank Dr. Kiyonori Nagasaki of DHII, who has been the driving force, both spiritually and technically, in making the JJADH a reality.

A. Charles Muller Editor-in-Chief, JJADH

Editorial Board:

(a) Administrative editors

A. Charles Muller (University of Tokyo, Japan) Editor in Chief

Christian Wittern (Kyoto University, Japan) Managing Editor

Kiyonori Nagasaki (International Institute for Digital Humanities, Japan) Technical Editor

(b) Editors

Paul Arthur (University of Western Sydney, Australia)

Susan Brown (University of Guelph, Canada)

Maki Miyake (Osaka University, Japan)

Yusuke Nakamura (University of Tokyo)

Geoffrey Rockwell (University of Alberta, Canada)

Hilofumi Yamamoto (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

(c) Copy Editor

Susie Lorand

Japanese Association for Digital Humanities

Executive Board:

President: 下田正弘(東京大学) / Masahiro Shimoda

Chair: 田畑智司(大阪大学) / Tomoji Tabata

Secretary/Treasurer: 苫米地等流(一般財団法人人文情報学研究所) / Toru Tomabechi

後藤真(人間文化研究機構) / Makoto Goto

原正一郎(京都大学) / Shoichiro Hara

北本朝展(国立情報学研究所) / Asanobu Kitamoto

A. Charles Muller(東京大学)

鈴木桂子(立命館大学) / Keiko Suzuki

Christian Wittern(京都大学)

山田太造(東京大学) / Taizo Yamda


村井源(東京工業大学) / Hajime Murai

鈴木崇史(東洋大学)/ Takafumi Suzuki


永崎研宣(一般財団法人人文情報学研究所) / Kiyonori Nagasaki

© A. Charles Muller