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Retest reliability of ultrasonic geniohyoid muscle measurement
Sayako ShimizuKozo HanayamaHiromichi MetaniTakefumi SugiyamaHiromasa AbeSosuke SekiTakashi HiraokaAkio Tsubahara
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2016 Volume 7 Pages 55-60


Shimizu S, Hanayama K, Metani H, Sugiyama T, Abe H, Seki S, Hiraoka T, Tsubahara A. Retest reliability of ultrasonic geniohyoid muscle measurement. Jpn J Compr Rehabil Sci 2016; 7: 55-60.

Objective: Ultrasonography can be used to assess both the morphology and movement of the muscles of deglutition. This study investigated the intratester, intertester, and retest reliability of ultrasonic assessments of the suprahyoid muscle group.

Methods: Three testers performed ultrasonographic measurements of the length and area of the geniohyoid muscle in 10 healthy adults, and the contraction ratio during swallowing. Results were compared using intraclass correlation coefficients (ICCs) to determine intratester, retest, and intertester reliabilities.

Results: Intratester and retest reliabilities were very good, with ICCs ≥0.8 for all assessment parameters. In intertester reliability, ICCs were ≥0.8 for geniohyoid muscle length and area during swallowing and ≥0.6 for geniohyoid muscle length at rest and contraction ratio.

Discussion: These results indicate high reliability of this assessment method for assessments made by the same individual, with reliability of the method remaining high for assessments performed at intervals.

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