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Effect of the Subjective Perception of Continuity During Video Transitions While Viewing Videos:
A Focus on the Match on Action Method and the Background Image in Video Grammar
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2023 Volume 59 Issue 4 Pages 168-175


This study aimed to clarify the influence of match on action and background image on continuity during video transitions through subjective evaluation analysis. We created 3DCG videos as stimuli, with three factors employing two levels of shot composition (close to wide, wide to close), two levels of the match on action (match, mismatch), and two levels of the background image (present, absent). Participants were presented with the stimuli and asked to rate on a 5-point scale whether they saw a continuous connection between the two shots. The results suggested that continuity evaluation was lower for the background condition, where it was difficult to perceive the space in the “close-up to wide shot” transition. Therefore, it is possible that understanding of the story in the video through background information is important to enhance subjective evaluation of continuity during transitions. Furthermore, videos where the motion matched regardless of the presence or absence of the background image had a greater effect in enhancing the continuity evaluation compared to videos in which the motion did not match. This effect was more pronounced when the shot composition was “wide to close”.

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