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Japanese version of NASA Task Load Index
Sensitivity of its workload score to difficulty of three different laboratory tasks
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1996 Volume 32 Issue 2 Pages 71-79


Workload of three different types of laboratory tasks, each of which has three difficulty levels, was measured with the Japanese version of NASA Task Load Index (TLX), and the result demonstrated that the obtained workload scores were sensitive to the task difficulty in any of the tasks. The weights of the rating scales, which were decided through the pairwise comparison of the importance of the scales, were found to be unique to each task. This indicates that the three experimental tasks had different constitution of loading factors from each other, and that TLX is applicable to various types of workload. Then, correlation and regression analyses were carried out and the results were compared with those reported for the original NASA-TLX. Finally, workload socres which were obtained with no pairwise comparison from the ratings on the same TLX scales were compared with the regular Weighted Workload (WWL) scores, and their validity as alternative indices of workload was discussed.

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