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EMG Analysis of Lower Extremity Muscles in Three Different Squat Exercises
Gaston Ariel NishiwakiYukio UrabeKosuke Tanaka
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2006 Volume 9 Issue 1 Pages 21-26


The purpose of this study was to come across an exercise that increases the Hamstring contraction levels so that it may protect the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Previous studies have postulated that changing the projection of the center of gravity behind the feet will decrease the translation of the tibia, therefore protect the ACL. Muscle activity of the quadriceps, hamstring and soleus muscles in healthy subjects was measured with an EMG during three different squat tasks with differences of support of body weight and the center of gravity. The subjects were nine healthy female recreational athletes with no history of any pathological knee condition or musculoskeletal system disorder. There was no significant difference in the activities of the four muscles (Vastus Medialis; Hamstring: Semitendinosus and Biceps Femoris; and Soleus); and there was a similar pattern in the activity between those muscles in the exercises. In addition, VM values were considerably higher than the Hamstring and soleus activity levels. There was no significant difference between one squat from another and among the phases (0-30°, 30-60° or 60-90°) of knee flexion. These results suggest that even when changing the projection of the center of gravity, the activity of the quadriceps is high compared to the hamstring and soleus muscles.

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