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Simultaneous Visualization and Image Analysis of Particle/Bubble Behavior (Position, Shape, and Attitude) and Surrounding Flow
Goichi MatsuiHideaki MonjiTsuyoshi TerauchiHae Man Choi
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2002 Volume 2 Issue 3 Pages 189-194


This study deals with a simultaneous visualization technique and image analysis of particle/bubble behavior on its position of the center of gravity, shape, and attitude of movement, in addition to flow field around it. In the multiphase flow field, the interaction between a particle/bubble and surrounding fluid or two-way effect is very important to understand complex phenomena of dispersed flow. Therefore, simultaneous visualization of both particle/bubble motion and surrounding flow has been requested. In addition, determination of the positions of the center of gravity of the particle/bubble and the velocity field obtained has been required. In the study, such a visualization technique and image analysis of particle/bubble motion was developed to determine the positions of its center of gravity and the flow field obtained. Furthermore, image analysis for obtaining particle/bubble behavior on its shape and attitude was settled in order to obtain basic data for discussing the elemental interaction. The results of measurement made using both the developed visualization system and the image analysis method show that adequate data are obtainable for discussing the interaction or two-way effect based on the composite of two images of particle/bubble and flow field.

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