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An Algorithm for Detecting and Removing the Spurious Differential Phase Observed by C-Band Polarimetric Radar in the Rain
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Article ID: 2020-031


 In this study, an algorithm is developed to detect the spurious differential phase ΦDP and specific differential phase KDP in the rain for application following the removal of gate-to-gate ΦDP fluctuations. The algorithm is a threshold filter that is designed based on the empirical relationship between the KDP and radar reflectivity factor at horizontal polarization ZH for raindrops. The construction and validation of the algorithm was conducted using the data observed by the C-band polarimetric radar on board the research vessel Mirai near Sumatra from 23 November to 17 December 2015, when a pilot field campaign of the Years of the Maritime Continent (YMC) project was conducted. Perturbations exist in the ΦDP and associated spurious values of KDP on a 10-km scale in the range direction, which are mainly induced by second-trip echoes and nonuniform beam filling. These perturbed ΦDP values and the positively and negatively biased KDP values can be efficiently detected by this new algorithm. The standard deviation of the KDP in areas with relatively low ZH is also significantly reduced by applying the algorithm. Simultaneously, the rain rate estimation from the filtered KDP has been greatly improved. The results indicate that the algorithm developed in this study can efficiently manage the quality of the data observed not only in the open ocean but also in coastal areas of the Maritime Continent.

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