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Investigation on present labour accidents due to electric shock and comparison of safety devices for preventing electric shock accidents used for arc welding equipment in foreign countries
Hajime TOMITAKwangseok CHOI
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2019 Volume 12 Issue 1 Pages 61-66


 Labour accidents caused by electric shock which are absent from their work for four days or more were analyzed based on data base disclosed by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare between 2006 to 2015. As a result, the condition of labour accidents caused by electric shock in the qualitative expression was not very much change compared to that before 1998, and arc welders were one of the main causes of electric shock accidents.

 Safety devices in South Korea and Australia, which are similar to automatic electric shock preventive device for AC arc welding equipment in Japan, were compared with those in Japan. As a result, the specifications on starting sensitivity, delay time and safety voltage for AC arc welding equipment in South Korea and Australia did not differ much from those in Japan.

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