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Suppressive Effects of Genistein Dosage and Resistance Exercise on Bone Loss in Ovariectomized Rats
Daito NakajimaChang-Sun KimTae-Woong OhChu-Ya YangTatsuki NakaShoji IgawaFukio Ohta
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2001 Volume 20 Issue 5 Pages 285-291


This study was designed to determine whether combined treatments with genistein dosage and moderate resistance exercise would exhibit synergistically preventive effects on bone loss following the onset of menopause. Forty-one 12 wk-old female SD rats were assigned to five groups: 1) Sham operated (Sham); 2) ovariectomized (OVX-Cont); 3) OVX received genistein (OVX-GEN); 4) OVX exercised (OVX-EXE); and 5) OVX treated with both genistein and exercise (OVX-GEN-EXE). All rats were fed a low Ca (0.1%) diet ad libitum. Daily genistein dosage was 12 mg/kg body weight. Exercising rats took 40 sets of 1-min run interspersed with 1-min rest with a 100 g weight on the back on an uphill treadmill at 20 m/min. The experimental duration consisted of the adaptation and treatment periods of 4 weeks each. Uterine weight in OVX-Cont, OVX-GEN, OVX-EXE and OVX-GEN-EXE decreased to about 15% of that in Sham (p<0.001). The femoral BMD (mg/cm2; mean ± SE), assessed by DEXA (Lunar), of OVX-Cont was significantly lowered to 206 ± 5 by -9%, as compared to 226 ± 2 of Sham (p<0.001). The BMD of OVX-GEN, OVX-EXE and OVX-GEN-EXE were 217 ± 2, 217 ± 2 and 222 ± 2, respectively, and genistein dosage and resistance exercise equally increased the BMD of OVX rats by 5% (p<0.01). Combined treatment of genistein and exercise more successfully recovered their decreased BMD by 8% (p<0.001). BMD of the fourth lumbar vertebrae in OVX-Cont was declined to 191 ± 7 by -15%, as compared to 225 ± 4 in Sham (p<0.001). OVX-EXE and OVX-GEN-EXE gained the BMD by 6% to 205 ± 4 and 203 ± 3, respectively, as compared to that of OVX-Cont (p<0.01). These results suggest the possibility that the combined treatment of genistein dosage and resistance exercise have more beneficial effects by acting rather independently than their separate trials on the prevention of ovx-induced bone loss in femurs.

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