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Development of Novel Separation and Analytical Methods for Optically Active Substances and Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies Based on Liquid Chromatography
Kenichiro TODOROKI
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Article ID: 2023.024


Liquid chromatography (LC) is an essential separation and analytical technique in the pharmaceutical sciences, but despite advances in LC separation technology and mass spectrometer performance, there are still many analytes and applications where higher selectivity and sensitivity are required. We have developed new LC-based analytical methods for optically active substances and therapeutic monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) for use in pharmaceutical sciences by introducing unique technologies. In this review, the author presents our LC related research achievements on (1) dress-up chiral columns: new removable chiral stationary phases for enantioseparation of optically active substances, (2) development of a derivatization-LC analytical method for chiral compounds using the condensing agent DMT-MM as an enantioseparation enhancer, (3) sensitive and comprehensive LC-MS/MS analyses of chiral pharmaceuticals and their hepatic metabolites using ovomucoid column, (4) development of methods for intact bioanalysis of therapeutic mAbs, (5) development of LC-based bioanalytical methods using anti-idiotype DNA aptamers as capture ligands, (6) development of a versatile DNA aptamer acquisition method for therapeutic mAbs using LC.

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