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Journal of Physics of the Earth
Vol. 44 (1996) No. 5 P 543-552



We estimated the basement depth in Kobe City from array records of aftershocks of the 1995 Hyogo-ken Nanbu earthquake. The array measurements were conducted along the Sumiyoshi River in Kobe City using 12 stations from north to south within a distance of about 2 km. Travel time analyses of initial P- and S-waves were made to obtain travel time residuals due to the sediments. We also obtained the travel time difference between S-wave and SP-wave (i.e., P-wave converted from S-wave) at the basement-sediment boundary. By compiling three travel time data sets, we estimated the distribution of the basement depth. The basement depth suddenly increases from 0 to 1 km within a distance of 1 km, and then the depth gently increases to the south.

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