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Mouse Organic Anion Transporter 2 (mOat2) Mediates the Transport of Short Chain Fatty Acid Propionate
Rafiqul IslamNaohiko AnzaiNesar AhmedBabu EllapanChun Ji JinSunena SrivastavaDaisaku MiuraToshiyuki FukutomiYoshikatsu KanaiHitoshi Endou
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2008 Volume 106 Issue 3 Pages 525-528


In this study, we have elucidated that propionate, one of the short chain fatty acids (SCFAs), is the transport substrate for murine organic anion transporter 2 (mOat2), which is expressed in the kidneys and the liver. When expressed in Xenopus oocytes, mOat2-mediated [3H]PGE2 transport was inhibited by three- to five-carbon SCFAs (C3 to C5). Among the SCFAs tested, propionate (3-carbon SCFA) was transported by mOat2 in a time-dependent manner. Since propionate is a potent glucogenic compound, Oat2 may be involved in the regulation of cellular metabolism through the transport of these metabolites in the kidneys and the liver.

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