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Journal of Pharmacological Sciences
Vol. 95 (2004) No. 2 P 158-162



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We are exposed to many external and internal stresses in this day and age. Stress weakens the function of immune systems in living organisms and disturbs homeostasis. As a result, stress induces various psychosomatic diseases. Thus, ways of reducing stress and thus protecting humans from disease must be developed. One such method is called “the prevention of Mibyou” in Kampo, the Chinese traditional medicine. Many studies have reported the direct effects of medical ginseng on damaged target organs and recovery from disease. It also increases immune potential and may maintain homeostasis of living organisms through the autonomic-endocrine systems. It is also thought to prevent the development of disease. We studied and considered the action of medical ginseng on living organisms that were exposed to various stresses such as cold environment and industrial work. Furthermore, we confirmed the preventive effects of medical ginseng on the common cold symptom complex, including flu, by clinical observation. Here, we report our experiences.

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