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Real-Time Weather Data for Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) Decision-Making
Hu JiahaoNeesha JothiHeshalini RajagopalSook Fern Yeo Kay Hooi Keoy
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2023 Volume 10 Issue 1 Pages 96-104


In the 21st century, the Internet has undergone unprecedented growth in technology and accessibility, contributing to the achievement of various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to digital inclusion and technological advancement. This era witnessed the ubiquitous presence of personal computers in daily life, enabling people to access vital information online, thus promoting digital literacy and access to information (SDG 4, SDG 9, SDG 16). Moreover, the rapid expansion of mobile technology has marked a significant milestone in the development of mobile devices, aligning with SDG 9, which emphasizes innovation and infrastructure development. Android and iOS platforms currently dominate the mobile landscape, offering a range of opportunities and challenges for developers. However, the prevalent practice of developing applications exclusively for a single platform has resulted in suboptimal development efficiency, hindering progress toward SDG 9 and sustainability in technological advancements (ESG). In response, developers have begun to explore cross-platform technologies, which not only streamline development across different platforms but also contribute to cost-efficiency and resource optimization (SDG 12). This paradigm shift in development approaches presents a unique opportunity to meet the growing demand for real-time, precise, and diverse weather information. In response, this study proposes the creation of a mobile application-based weather forecast system. This system places a strong emphasis on user interface (UI) design and the successful implementation of key functionalities, promoting user-friendly access to weather data and aligning with the principles of inclusive design and technological accessibility (SDG 4). In summary, this research endeavors to harness the advancements in mobile technology and crossplatform development to deliver an innovative weather forecast system, ultimately contributing to the broader goals of digital inclusion, technological sustainability, and user-centric design in line with SDGs and ESG principles.

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