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Special Issue on The 22nd MAGDA Conference in Miyazaki (MAGDA2013)
Discussion of Bearingless Motor with Full Wave Rectified Circuit Coil and Inclined Teeth
Kunihiko TACHIBANAKoichi OKA
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2014 Volume 22 Issue 2 Pages 76-81


 This paper represents the research finding of levitation and rotation control on bearingless motor with rectified circuit coil and inclined teeth. Rectified circuit coils are functioned as transmitting and receiving coil of wireless electric power transmission, and supply direct current to rotor coils. Rotor coils are used as rotor magnets not using permanent magnets. Even if horizontal force of magnet is strong, unless vertical force of magnet exists, a rotor does not levitate. So as to generate vertical force, the tip form of rotor and stator is made to incline and levitation force (vertical force) is acquired using this inclination.

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