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Development of 3D curved photovoltaic modules
Noboru Yamada
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2022 Volume 2022 Article ID: 220402


As a new target for photovoltaic (PV) power generation, a vehicle-integrated PV is being promoted. Because the bodies of vehicles are composed of smooth curved surfaces from the viewpoint of aerodynamics and design, solar cells must be applied to curved surfaces. However, all the currently available solar cells are flat, and the most popular Si solar cell is made of a brittle material that is easily broken. Because the vehicle body has a three-dimensional (3D) shape (such as a spherical surface) rather than a two-dimensional shape with unidirectional bending (such as a cylindrical surface), a different development approach is required. This article presents bending tests of solar cells, a mechanical-stress analysis, and prototyping and outdoor tests of 3D curved-surface modules.

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